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Cultivating a sustainable path to long-term healthy skin

Opala Skin Therapy is a collection of premium skin treatments combining the power of botany and phytotherapy to bring healthy skin to people with persisting skin concerns. Innovated through in-house experimentation, our unconventional approach is committed to producing the UK’s first truly botanical care from colour, and scent, to efficacy and power.

Botanical, like you’ve never experienced before

Have you ever wondered why natural skincare is often as white as its synthetic counterparts? So have we. All too often these wonderful plants with extensive benefits are added in small quantities to everyday formulations as an afterthought. We think it’s time to bring limelight to the true potential of these powerful, botanical ingredients with a formula that is built around them.

Truly natural treatments should reflect their pure botanical ingredients in colour, scent and feel. With no unnecessary white fillers, and a focus on highly effective bio-actives, our treatments provide an exceedingly powerful, clean and sensitive care.  

Sincerely effective

have reported an improvement in their skin concern after 30 days of use. 

Putting healthy skin first

Opala's treatments were born from a lifelong experience of living with hypersensitive skin, prone to eczema and allergies.

As a family with many skin problems, we are all too aware that choosing skincare when you have problem skin requires trust or technical understanding. There is an illusion of an abundance of options - but with many prone to low-costs, or prioritise marketing over research, often these options are not suitable for those less fortunate with their skin condition. As is often the case we found no relief in skin treatments that were available at the time.

Our view is that when there is a fundamental flaw consistently across the industry’s approach, it is time to break the norms and produce something truly exceptional.

From our dedication to formulating by experimentation rather than convention, to our use of botanicals and medicinal plants as our key bioactives, we commit to putting skin health first. We offer treatments that are safe and powerful for everyone. Including those with persistent skin concerns that often lack effective solutions, since they require that extra bit of attention and care, and higher-quality natural ingredients. To help free everyone from irritation, itch, flake, oil or acne in an entirely conscientious, and health-driven way.
ingredients explored and tested
prototypes developed 
average days of testing before release

Breaking the norms

We develop our treatments in an unconventional way – through experimentation that breaks the rules and boundaries of the ‘accepted’ way of formulating. Instead of relying on textbook norms around ratios for ingredient types, or relying on existing formulations as the norm, we use clinical evidence to maximise the concentration of bioactive ingredients, giving limelight to powerful botanicals, instead of placing them into pre-fabricated formulations as a side-thought.

Through our reliance on high concentrations of bioactives, we have to get creative in ensuring our solutions are easily absorbable and a good consistency. And we are proud to have achieved a superior formula, minimising what we call ‘fillers’ to multiples less than the industry average. Fewer and only natural-based and safe emulsifiers, texture enhancers, absorbents or preservatives. A quick comparison of our ingredients list to others will speak for itself.

All of this is thanks to the phytotherapeutic experiments we have engulfed our lives in for many years, grounded by our own research in medicinal plant engineering. Our treatments are always developed through these experiments, trialling a number of prototypes on an extensive number of unique skin types, and completing at least 6-8 months of testing – from laboratory safety testing to testing on skin types. This allows us to be confident in our efficacy rate that is significantly higher than average.


As an independent business, we own every part of the process. From experiments, product development, research, to formulation, and packaging, we do it all ourselves. No pre-fabricated formulations, only conscientious, sustainability and health-driven processes that benefit your skin in the long-term, and keeps you and the planet healthy.

Our treatments are vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free and so on – all the now well-recognised contemporary values we take as given. Our formulations give an upmost priority to 100% natural alternatives, revealing true botany in colour and scent. These delicate, yet powerful formulations are kept safe using the gold-standard in cosmetic packaging – biophotonic UV glass. Easy to reuse or recycle.