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All great ideas begin with a problem 

Mine is a sensitive, eczema-prone skin, which I have been struggling to treat since I was a child.

After years of searching for the right solution, I had to resort to steroid treatment. My skin had visibly thinned over the years, and treating it became ever more difficult.

Trialing too many products over too many years, I finally found something that worked. A few years after moving to France, I came across a face cream, which relieved these symptoms. But this relief was short lived. The product was soon discontinued. This is the point I decided to solve the problem myself. 

Helping myself and many friends overcome their skin concerns, I realised there must be many more who suffer from the lack of quality organic skincare, which is kind for the skin and actually works.



Efficient care from the purest source 

Extensive research, and many years of operational experience, including in the pharmaceutical industry, have led to reliable skincare solutions even for the most sensitive skin. My work spans across a palette of different skin conditions, finding inspiration from the stories of others, and a degree in medicinal plant engineering, to innovate and produce new solutions.

I believe in a revolution for natural solutions. Using only the purest, simplest and most gentle ingredients. The plant extracts, oils and distillates in my products are selected on the basis of their therapeutic effect and each product has been tested extensively on various types of skin. All ingredients are vegan, cruelty-free, packaged in the minimum necessary materials.

In today’s age, just as we value taking care of our bodies through rest, mindfulness and a healthy, natural diet, we need to look more to protecting our skin with the benefit of clean, natural cosmetics.


Viktoria Osvay - Founder