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Medicinal Plant Based Skin Treatments, Committed to Better Your Skin Quality

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Healthy Skin, Glowing You.

“Our number one priority is to do what is best for your skin”

We set up Opala Botanicals with the simple aim to create skin treatment solutions that truly prioritise fixing skin concerns in a way that is sustainable and healthy to the skin.

Based on a combination of medicinal plant engineering, scientific research and comprehensive testing, we take time to develop solutions that work and target skin concerns effectively.

All ingredients in our products have purpose.

Our products consist of purely natural ingredients, selected and formulated with care and precision to maximise their therapeutic effect.

We are not interested in fragrances, irritants and unnecessary ingredients that provide no direct benefit to the skin.

Formulas are set up with professional know-how, and tested on ou 'Opala Skin Panel' of volunteers.

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Quality is ensured from development and testing to delivery.

We control all effects of our business - from product development to production and delivery. Through this we ensure our commitment to excellence is sustained.

Our final products are risk assessed, laboratory tested and registered according to the cosmetics regulations.

We care for your skin. But we also care for our planet.

We strive to use the minimum packaging necessary, and recycle where possible.

We do not test on animals, and all our ingredients are traced back to ensure they come from ethical source.

All ingredients are vegan and from natural origin.

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